Police Who Rescued Illegally Transported Cobras Receive PETA Awards

Authorities Seize More Than 100 King Cobras in Two Operations, Animals Transported to Rescue Centre

For Immediate Release:

2 May 2013

Hanoi – For two seizures resulting in the rescue of more than 100 illegally transported king cobras, Traffic Police Team 14, the Hoang Mai District Police Department and the Local Police Department of Environment Related Crimes have received Hero to Animals Awards from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) Asia.

The police department of Hoang Mai District in Hanoi, along with the Local Police Department of Environment Related Crimes, seized 53 king cobras from a taxi driver on 21 April. On 19 April, Traffic Police Team 14 discovered 56 king cobras in a car travelling on Phap Van Highway. All the animals were reportedly transported to a local rescue centre.

“We applaud the police officers who conducted the seizures for their actions against the illegal wildlife trade”, says PETA Asia Vice President Jason Baker. “From police officers to concerned citizens, everyone can help prevent the trade in wildlife by not purchasing exotic animals and by reporting suspicious activity.”

PETA Asia advises anyone with information on wildlife crimes to call 1 800 588 875. In order to help prevent the illegal trade in wildlife, please never purchase a wild animal.

For more information, please visit PETAAsiaPacific.com.