Animal Rights Organisation Points to SeaWorld’s Failing Business and Cruelty to Animals as Reasons to Keep It out of the UAE

For Immediate Release:
11 January 2017

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates – After SeaWorld announced its plan to open a park in Abu Dhabi, PETA Asia sent a letter to His Excellency Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, chair of Miral Asset Management and the Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, asking him to keep the company’s failing business out of the country – unless it agrees to go animal-free.

In the letter, PETA – whose motto reads, in part, that “animals are not ours to use for entertainment” – notes that SeaWorld confines far-ranging dolphins and other marine mammals to tiny tanks, where they can swim only in endless circles and often break their teeth in frustration by gnawing on the concrete corners and metal bars of their tanks. Ever since the film Blackfish exposed the company’s cruelty to animals, its attendance has tanked, top executives have stepped down, hundreds of employees have been laid off, and celebrities from Harry Styles to Pamela Anderson and Ewan McGregor have urged people to stay away.

“Modern travellers want to spend their money on technologically advanced attractions – such as Abu Dhabi’s racetrack, roller coaster, and skyscrapers – not antiquated marine-mammal shows”, says PETA Asia Vice President of International Operations Jason Baker. “PETA hopes His Excellency will protect Abu Dhabi’s extraordinary reputation by refusing to allow SeaWorld to set up its tanking business in the city – or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates.”

PETA US is calling on SeaWorld to retire all the remaining animals it holds captive to a seaside sanctuary, where they could finally have some semblance of a natural life.

PETA’s letter to His Excellency Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak is available here. For more information, please visit or click here.