Cotton-Tailed Cutie Will Encourage Residents and Tourists in Pyeongchang to Refuse to Wear Real Fur

For Immediate Release:
February 5, 2018

Pyeongchang — Wearing only white underwear, bunny ears, and a fluffy cotton tail while holding a sign that reads, “Champions Don’t Wear Fur,” a sexy “bunny” from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will greet the Olympic Committee, athletes, tourists, and locals tomorrow and remind them that the fur of rabbits and other animals belongs only on its original owners.

Where:     The Olympic Rings outside the Main Press Center (MPC)
When:       Tuesday, February 6, 12 noon sharp

Why is this “bunny” willing to freeze her little tail off? A PETA eyewitness investigation of a rabbit fur farm in China, the world’s largest fur exporter, revealed that rabbits were confined to filthy cages encrusted with urine and feces. Workers pulled the terrified animals out by their ears and stunned them with handheld electrical devices as they kicked and screamed. They were then hung upside down and decapitated.

“I’ll gladly bare my skin in the cold if it’ll help save animals’ skins,” says PETA bunny Ashley Fruno. “With so many stylish and toasty alternatives to fur available, there’s no excuse for harming a hair on a bunny’s back.”

Rabbits are extremely social animals who live with their families in underground burrows called “warrens” and can hop faster than a cat, human, or deer can run. They communicate through body language, marking their territories like cats do by rubbing their chins on twigs, rocks, or other landmarks.

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