PETA Honors Taiwan’s Capital for Its Healthy and Humane Plant-Based Cuisine

For Immediate Release:
December 27, 2016

For Immediate Release:

Taipei — Taipei’s vegan scene is the most dynamic in Asia, thanks to numerous restaurants that offer cutting-edge vegan meals and a powerful community of animal advocates—which is why the city has earned the top spot on PETA’s list of the Top 10 Vegan-Friendly Cities in Asia.

“Taipei’s vegan cuisine covers every craving, from meaty burgers and tiramisu to filet mignon and Taiwan’s popular pineapple cake—all 100 percent meat-, egg-, and dairy- free,” says PETA Vice President of International Campaigns Jason Baker. “PETA is showering praise on this rainy metropolis for its cruelty-free fare, which satisfies hungry diners, helps the environment, and spares animals suffering.”

Pigs, cows, and chickens are individuals with feelings—they experience love, happiness, loneliness, and fear, just as dogs, cats, and humans do. Most animals who are raised for food are confined to filthy warehouses, where they’re deprived of everything that’s natural and important to them.

Included among Taipei’s all-vegan eateries are Ooh Cha Cha—where compassionate diners can get everything from a “bacon and cheese” burger and Caesar salad to Vietnamese bánh mì, among other delicious dishes—and Soul R. Vegan Café, which offers matcha-and-walnut waffles drizzled with chocolate sauce, black pepper vegan sirloin steak, Italian fried “prawns,” and even nondairy caramel crème brûlée. Foodies can also hit up About Animals—which serves vegan burgers with wasabi mayo as well as “hot dogs” and “bacon” sandwiches—and Vege Creek, which makes a customizable Taiwanese-style soup. Loving Hut offers kimchi hot pots, mixed-grill skewers, and a variety of nondairy cheesecakes, while VegeTable prepares meat-free Japanese-style dishes.

Decadent vegan desserts abound at Fresh Bakery & Cafe Taipei—the city’s first vegan bakery, which creates scrumptious Black Forest gâteau and coffee cakes and even “cheese”-stuffed breads and red-bean mooncakes—and at Vegan Heaven, which stuns visitors with its macaroons, lemon-and-salted-caramel chocolate tarts, raspberry mousse, and veganized version of Taiwan’s famous pineapple cake. The sweet treats continue with vegan biscuits and brownies at Green Bakery and cupcakes galore at Mianto.

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