Yang Mi Says ‘No’ To Fur In New Shocking PETA Video

‘Tiny Times’ Star Asks Her Fans to Be Comfortable in Their Own Skin

For Immediate Release:
February 27, 2014

Beijing — Award-winning actor Yang Mi is currently riding a wave of popularity after starring in the film Tiny Times. But she took time out of her busy schedule to record a compelling video for PETA Asia advocating for a compassionate fur-free lifestyle.

“Mother animals [who are trapped] are sometimes so frantic to get back to their families that they chew off their own legs in desperation,” Yang says in the video. “Animals on fur farms spend their entire lives confined to crowded, filthy wire cages, where they are exposed to all weather conditions … before they are killed.”

She adds, “The video, which is a little more than one minute long, will break your heart, and you’ll never look at fur coats the same again.”

The methods used to kill animals raised for their fur include anal electrocution, gassing, bludgeoning, and poisoning. Many animals don’t die during the process and struggle frantically as their skin is torn from their bodies. A PETA Asia fur exposé captured images of skinned animals—some still panting and blinking—and scenes of rabbits who are picked up by the ears and shot in the head with stun guns. There are no penalties for abusing animals on fur farms in China, where countless cats and dogs are also killed for fur.

Yang ends the video with a heartfelt plea: “Whenever you shop, simply read the labels and refuse to buy any products that contain fur. Please join me in saying no to fur.”

For more information, please visit PETAAsiaPacific.com.