16 Photos That Will Change Your Life

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Have you considered going vegan? Take a look at the following 16 photos to see why animals deserve to live—and not end up on anyone’s dinner plate:

1. Because she is all alone, sick, and covered with flies

veal calf covered in flies

2. Because he had to watch his friends be slaughtered—and now, he is next

next in line at slaughterhouse

3. Because these ducks need their livers and no one needs foie gras

ducks and geese for foie gras

4. Because she escaped a burning transport truck bound for slaughter

rescued cow

5. Because he didn’t escape

cow destined for slaughter

6. Because before being rescued, this hen had her beak burned off

rescued hen

7. Because he was rescued from a factory farm that collapsed during Hurricane Katrina

chicken rescued during hurricane katrina

8. Because this pig doesn’t want to die

pig on slaughterhouse-bound truck

9. Because a mother loves her children

mother and baby cow

10. Because they’ve all had their babies taken away

mother cows

11. Because they don’t want it to happen again

baby with herd of cows

12. Because they took her anyway

veal calf in wheelbarrow

13. Because the dairy industry = the veal industry

veal calf pen

14. Because this calf can’t even walk yet and will never see her mother again

veal calf who cannot walk

15. Because this is the only place that she’ll ever know until she is killed for veal or used for her milk

calf lying in wheelbarrow

16. Because this fly-covered calf died—and no one noticed

dead calf in veal pen

Help be a part of the change. Go vegan today, and maintain a cruelty-free lifestyle every day!

Posted by Edwina Baier