5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pigeons

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Famed American film director Woody Allen described pigeons as “rats with wings”—but, hey, we love rats! In much of the world, pigeons are seen as pests, but these intelligent animals are far from vermin. Here are a few things that you might not know about doves—er, I mean pigeons:

  1. They can do your taxes. OK, not really—but pigeons can do simple math. They have proved themselves in studies to have similar arithmetic skills to some monkeys. Who needs a calculator when you have pigeons for friends?
  2. “Full speed ahead!” Pigeons are fast! They can fly at up to 100 kilometers per hour.
  3. According to scientific studies, pigeons exhibit self-recognition. They are one of only a handful of animals on the planet—including humans, dolphins, and chimpanzees—who have the ability to pass the mirror test.
  4. They don’t need Google Maps. Pigeons have a unique homing ability and have been documented traveling thousands of kilometers to return home—even over oceans. Sadly, this unique skill is exploited by some people in the pigeon-racing industry. Learn more about the cruelty of pigeon racing here.
  5. Pigeon daddies do the feeding. And mommies, too! Both male and female pigeons produce crop milk for baby birds.

Posted by Edwina Baier