EXPOSED: Chaokoh Caught Still Using Forced Monkey Labor

Posted on by PETA

PETA’s third investigation offers irrefutable video evidence that monkey labor is deeply entrenched in Thailand’s coconut industry. Monkeys are still being kidnapped from their homes in nature and spending the rest of their lives chained by the neck and forced to pick coconuts for numerous companies. Here’s a look at just one of those companies, Chaokoh.

This company has repeatedly failed to take meaningful action to end its abuse of monkeys, despite being confronted with indisputable evidence of its cruel activities from three PETA investigations. Instead of issuing denials and meaningless initiatives, Chaokoh must stop using coconuts picked by monkeys. In addition, the Thai government must take action to help the animals used by this cruel industry.

Take a look at the evidence below implicating Chaokoh, and then urge the Thai government to end this cruelty.