Adalita Does It for Animals

Posted on by PETA

Australian grunge queen Adalita has done it. Now she wants her fans to do it, too—say no to fur, that is.

The lead singer for the explosive and untiring experimental/grunge band Magic Dirt stars in PETA’s newest anti-fur ad, in which she cuddles with a bunny under the tagline “‘Do It for Him.’ Say ‘No’ to Fur.” Adalita has made the fur industry the latest target of her relentless wrath, which is usually reserved for her music about those foolish enough to wrong or annoy her.


Download Adalita’s ad:
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Magic Dirt formed in 1992 in Geelong, Australia, and the group has been unfurling raw, innovative music ever since. Magic Dirt’s 12th album, Girl, comes out this month. While she’s got your attention, Adalita—a longtime vegan—is taking the opportunity to give the fur industry the finger.

Adalita’s hard line against fur comes from her soft spot for animals. Who wouldn’t get angry when they realize that millions of rabbits, raccoons, foxes, and other animals are beaten, strangled, electrocuted, poisoned, or gassed so that their skin can be draped over the backs of uncaring wannabes who haven’t updated their style since the Stone Age?

Join Adalita in speaking up for animals. Take our pledge to be fur-free. Then use our tips for taking action against the fur industry and give a hand to the millions of animals who are victims of the fashion industry.