Top 10 Tuesdays: 10 Ways to Help Animals

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

A PETA intern helps stray dogs.

Animals have no voices and depend on us to stand up and take action in their behalf. Whether you’re just learning about animal rights and are looking for tips on getting started or you’re an animal rights veteran looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered with the following 10 ideas:

1. Become our fan on Facebook and spread the word about animal rights to your friends.

2. Take action on alerts. Don’t think that your one e-mail can make a difference? Well, there’s power in numbers, and these victories show that every e-mail sent adds up to make a big difference.

3. Into sites such as StumbleUpon and Twitter? Just taking a few seconds to give our content a thumbs-up or to send a tweet will cause the audience interested in animal-related issues to grow.

4. Join our Activist Network and we will inform you of upcoming events in your area, breaking news, urgent alerts, and tips on ways that you can improve the lives of animals every day.

5. Be prepared to help animal in emergencies, whether that’s making a plan now for your own companion animals or being prepared to help animals you come across in the event that a disaster strikes.

6. Become a PETA intern! At our campaigns office in Manila, Philippines, you can help with demonstrations, write blogs and feature content, conduct important research, and meet people who share your passion. Our interns are vital to our success.

7. Make an urgently needed donation! Your financial support will go to work immediately to help stop animals from suffering and dying in the name of human greed around the world.

8. Always report animal emergencies—you may be the animal’s only chance! If an animal is in imminent danger, please contact your local police department immediately. You can report other cruelty issues to PETA by filling out this short form.

9. Help out at animal shelters. Volunteers can help by feeding animals, taking them on walks, and cleaning out their enclosures—and simply by showering animals with the love and attention they crave.

10. Upload animal rights videos onto your own websites as well as on sites like YouTube.

Posted by Ashley Fruno