Animals Held for Decades in Testing Facility

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

PETA India asks AIIMS to stop torturing its animal prisoners and let them retire to a sanctuary.

In India, animals who are used for experiments are generally supposed to be imprisoned and tested on for just three years before they are sent to a sanctuary. But at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences’ (AIIMS) Central Animal Facility, some animals have languished in tiny, filthy wire cages for up to 10 years or even, as in one case, nearly 20 years.

A recent investigation showed that animals at AIIMS suffer from infectious skin diseases, wounds, and other health problems and that some are left without adequate medical treatment. In PETA India’s video footage, AIIMS’ employees can also be seen abusing and harassing animals beyond the torture that they already suffer as a result of their imprisonment.

The stress and frustration of the lengthy confinement has taken a toll on the animals’ psychological health as well, and some of them spin in endless circles in their cages, a sign of insanity caused by intense confinement and abuse.

Will you take a moment to tell the director of AIIMS to let at least the animals who have suffered in the lab the longest retire to a sanctuary? Also ask that AIIMS switch to modern non-animal testing methods.

Posted by Ashley Fruno