Cats Starved at Boarding Facility

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Malaysia is in the news once again for cruelty to animals, only this time it’s not for a victory overcoming it. Guardians who left their beloved cats at Petknode, an animal-boarding facility in Petaling Jaya, came home from a weeklong vacation to find their cats malnourished and shedding heavily, while some of the kittens were already dead. Even though the guardians provided food for their cats upon check-in, it was left unopened, and the animals were left to starve.

A lack of respect for animals is nothing new in Malaysia. Earlier this year, a woman named Chao Xiao Wei stomped to death three kittens on video—and received only a paltry 400 ringgit fine. This case fired up the nation, though, and plenty of people protested against the “kitten killer,” showing that it’s time for a change in legislation.

While this wasn’t exactly a victory for animals, it showed that the people of Malaysia want real change and are not about to give up hope. If it means taking to the streets, writing to officials, or signing petitions, they’re not backing down. All that needs to happen now is for the government to do what it’s supposed to do and represent the views of the people it governs.

The owners of Petknode have perpetrated an abhorrent act of negligence and cruelty to animals. How people can show such indifference to the very animals they’ve been paid to look after is something that will always baffle me. They not only hurt animals but also broke the hearts of many guardians who returned from a religious holiday to find their animals dead, sick, or missing.

Please help us to help these animals and guardians by urging Dato’ Dr. Abd Aziz bin Jamaluddin of the Department of Veterinary Services to immediately investigate the matter and prosecute those involved to the fullest extent of the law. Please call +603-8870-1000.

Please take the time to register your disgust with Malaysia’s lack of animal protection at

Encourage your friends and family to do the same—don’t let these innocent creatures’ deaths be in vain.

Posted by Jason Baker