The Animals of Typhoon Hagupit

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

For everyone concerned about the animals affected by Typhoon Hagupit, PETA Asia is monitoring the situation and stands ready to help all animals in need. PETA has a campaigns office in Manila, and we are working all year round to improve the lives of animals (including cats, dogs, cows, chickens—and even an elephant!) in the Philippines.

As the storm moves across the country, flooding—in the capital and elsewhere—poses a risk to animals, especially stray cats and dogs. As in many places, there is severe overpopulation of companion animals in the Philippines, and the many homeless animals on the streets struggle to survive every day.

PETA has helped animals affected by Typhoon Haiyan and Tropical Storm Maring, and we will continue to be here to help our furry, finned, and feathered friends day in and day out.

Posted by Jason Baker

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