As If It Couldn’t Get Any Worse …

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Dog at Tony's ShelterTony’s Shelter in Pattaya, Thailand, has been under fire from PETA and compassionate people all around the world for keeping animals in filthy conditions and not providing them with veterinary care. Unfortunately, even with routine inspections by PETA over the past several years and continued efforts on our part to work with the animal shelter’s owner, a wealthy local business man, conditions at the shelter have actually worsened.

A PETA inspection yesterday revealed that dogs with obvious injuries and fresh surgical wounds were crammed into mud-filled cages with other dogs and piles of excrement and rotten food. A sickly looking newborn puppy lay on the floor of a filthy pen crowded with adult dogs and was not moved until PETA’s inspector demanded that the puppy and her mother be transferred immediately.

Please, keep the pressure on Tony’s to improve conditions immediately or close the shelter altogether. Dogs deserve better.

Posted by Ashley Fruno