Aussie Models Strut Their Stuff for Canadian Seals

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

These hotties from Chic Model Management have joined a wide range of celebs—including Perez Hilton, the members of Animal Collective, and Kelly Osbourne—in donating their time to don this super-cute baby seal T-shirt, designed by Lavish Lint. The models posed to show their support for efforts to stop Canada’s bloody commercial seal slaughter.

The models—Jake Gordon, Lisa Seiffert, and Sam Harris—are speaking out against the seal slaughter, the largest massacre of marine mammals on Earth. During the slaughter, tens of thousands of seals have their heads bashed in or are shot for their fur.

You can join these hotties from down under in speaking out against Canada’s barbaric seal massacre by penning a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper today! Then tell us which top model is your fave. I happen to be a fan of Jake Gordon … after all, there’s nothing cuter than a guy who squeezes into women’s clothing for the sake of animal rights!

Posted by Ashley Fruno