Australian Flock Gets Help From PETA

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

When PETA was alerted to a flock of sheep in rural Victoria, Australia, who hadn’t been shorn in quite some time and were at risk for flystrike, we took action. We worked with local activists on documenting their condition and contacting the local RSPCA, which ensured that the flock’s caretaker attended to them quickly. They have since been shorn, thanks to the help of caring people.

Australian Sheep Get Help from PETA©

Because of their thick wool and wrinkly skin (which are breeding grounds for bacteria), merino sheep are not well suited to the Australian climate. Genetic engineering for more wool growth makes the problem even worse.

These sheep are the lucky ones. Someone noticed their suffering and took action. The reality is that every single day, animals suffer—and in most cases, no one says a word.

Next time you see an animal who needs help—whether it be a chained dog without shelter or a sheep with flystrike in a pasture—ask yourself: What’s the worst thing that could happen if I spoke up in their defense?

The worst thing that can probably happen is that you won’t be successful in getting help for the animal. But if you don’t speak up, who will? Probably no one. Animals need each and every one of us to speak up for them whenever and wherever we see them in trouble.

Posted by Jason Baker