Barnaby Was Saved From Being Shot in the Head on a Dairy Farm

Posted on by PETA

Calves are discarded as “waste products” of the dairy industry. They’re dragged from their mothers’ sides and bludgeoned with hammers, shot on the farm, or shoved onto trucks bound for the abattoir – all so farmers can sell their mothers’ milk.

One calf, then known only as “#52”, was supposed to be among them.

He was born on a farm in Queensland where all male calves are shot in the head with a shotgun (which is cheaper to operate than a bolt gun) because they’re not profitable. He watched as another calf was shot right in front of him.

Amidst all the bloodshed, an undercover investigator working on the farm saw an opportunity to rescue #52.

PETA jumped in on the plan, drove out to the farm, and bundled him into a car for a trip that would span thousands of kilometers. But first, as soon as they were outside the farming community, they took him to a veterinarian, who said he was a very lucky calf.

After many hours on the road, they finally reached their destination: Freedom Hill Sanctuary in the Adelaide Hills. A little hesitant at first, #52, who was renamed Barnaby, was soon exploring his new surroundings, making friends with sheep, and socializing with other animals. Another cow at the sanctuary, named Christina, has been like a mother to him, and they spend every day together. He loves to play and use his nose to nudge his human friends for attention.

Barnaby is one of the lucky few. Most calves born on dairy farms don’t get to live happily ever after.

Please, the next time you’re at the supermarket, think of Barnaby and help prevent other calves from being abused and killed in the dairy industry by choosing to purchase only vegan products.

Want to support Barnaby in his new life? Proceeds of the sale of this t-shirt – which reads “don’t shoot calf #52” – go towards Freedom Hill Sanctuary.