Beware of Hermès’ Cruel Wares

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

PETA's Grim Reapers Protest at Hermes in Jakarta

Following the release of video footage from PETA’s recent undercover investigation of the exotic-skins industry, PETA’s “Grim Reapers” were out in full force in front of a Hermès store in Jakarta. The protesters were there to draw attention to the suffering of the millions of animals in Indonesia who are killed so that their skins can be stitched together to make pricey accessories for high-end retailers like Hermès.

Thanks to the efforts of PETA U.S., many compassionate companies—including Nike (and its affiliate Cole Haan), international trendy frock shop H&M, and online giant—have given exotic-animal skins the boot. Now we ask: Will you ssspeak up for snakes, lizards, and other exotic animals by asking Hermès to follow suit?

Posted by Ashley Fruno