Victory! Canada Goose Ditches Fur After Massive PETA Campaign

Posted on by PETA

Canada Goose is ending its use of fur!

The great news comes after years of campaigning by PETA, our international affiliates and dedicated activists around the globe – including eye-catching protests, hard-hitting exposés, celebrity actions, and boardroom and legal battles. Over 500,000 of you helped the company see the writing on the wall by participating in our online actions and store protests, and together, we’ve ensured that sensitive, intelligent coyotes will no longer be caught and killed in barbaric steel traps for Canada Goose’s parkas!

PETA protest in Seoul, South Korea

Celebrity Supporters Against Fur Cruelty

PETA celebrity supporters joined the campaign against the company, too: Pamela Anderson wrote to its employees urging them to push for a fur ban, Maggie Q protested with activists outside one of Canada Goose’s headquarters, and Rafferty Law starred in a powerful ad campaign denouncing fur.

Actor Maggie Q and activists protest Canada Goose’s cruel use of coyote fur.

How Are Canada Goose Jackets Made?

To make the fur trim on Canada Goose coats, coyotes are caught in their natural habitat using steel leg clamps, head-crushing traps, body-gripping traps, or neck snares. They commonly endure horrific injuries and languish for days before eventually dying of dehydration, starvation, or blood loss. Some are so desperate to escape that they attempt to chew through their own legs.

Canada Goose is Going Fur-Free

PETA applauds the company for making the compassionate decision to go fur-free. It reflects the ethics of the vast majority of people, who believe that animals should not be tormented and killed for their fur. Canada Goose will join a long and ever-growing list of top fashion brands that have sworn off fur, including Prada, Coach, Versace, Michael Kors, Balmain, Gucci, Calvin Klein, Burberry, and many others.

Following this great news, PETA and our affiliates are suspending our international campaigns against Canada Goose and will be re-engaging the company to push for an end to its use of feathers, which geese and ducks continue to suffer for.

Thank you to all the activists and supporters who made this victory possible!