PHOTOS: ‘Geese’ Protest Canada Goose Store in Tokyo

Posted on by PETA

Today, a flock of PETA supporters dressed as geese descended on Canada Goose’s flagship store in Tokyo to protest its fur-trimmed and feather-filled jackets.

The company uses down from ducks and geese who are often improperly stunned before they’re violently killed, which means that they’re still conscious when their throats are cut and they’re dumped into scalding-hot water to be defeathered.

Canada Goose misleads the public by claiming that the birds it uses for down don’t suffer. It tells customers that it’s “deeply committed” to the “ethical sourcing of all animal materials”—but that’s a lie. See for yourself what really happens to the animals used to make Canada Goose’s down-filled jackets:

The company’s coats are also trimmed with fur from coyotes, who can suffer in traps for days before they’re shot or bludgeoned to death. Every bit of fur trim on a Canada Goose jacket came from an animal who didn’t want to die.

What You Can Do

Everyone who purchases a Canada Goose down-filled jacket, or any other down-filled product, supports the horrors shown in this video and worse.

The best way to help geese who are suffering is not to buy anything that contains down. Canada Goose could easily ditch down today—urge it to do just that!