Take Action! Cats Being Killed for Fur Coats

Posted on by PETA

Did that fur coat have a collar?

Every year in China, countless cats—some of them still wearing collars—are abducted to be hanged, bled to death, or strangled with wire nooses for their fur. New footage from a Chinese market shows vendors selling coats made from tabby, tortoiseshell, and orange cat fur.


A sign next to the items reportedly reads, “Real cat fur, don’t touch them if you don’t want to buy.” China is the world’s largest exporter of fur, and it’s completely legal to buy the cat-fur garments—they’re even sold at the nearby airport.

While these cat-fur coats are clearly marked, typically, Chinese furriers deliberately mislabel dog and cat fur before selling it all over the world. They use the same tactic that many Chinese leather producers do when selling accessories made from dog skin, as PETA Asia’s eyewitness investigation revealed: The animals are bludgeoned to death and their skin is purposely mislabeled and shipped to unsuspecting customers all over the world.

If you buy animal skin, there’s no easy way to tell if you’re actually wearing someone’s canine or feline family member. But of course, all fur and leather were torn off an animal with as much intelligence, personality, and emotional capacity as the ones we share our homes with.

Please, leave fur and leather items on the shelf and leave all skin on its rightful owner.