PETA Rains on Fendi’s Parade

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Wherever there’s cruelty to animals, PETA will be there.

Last week, Fendi brought its “Un Art Autre” exhibit to a popular Hong Kong mall. The event, whose title translates as “Art of Another Kind,” showcased a dozen Fendi designs of death (aka “fur coats”) created over the last several centuries.

PETA and local activists made sure that Fendi was aware that its cruel ways would not be tolerated in Hong Kong—or anywhere else, for that matter.

During the launch of the event—which was crowded with celebrities, socialites, and members of the fashion media—activists unleashed their fury on Fendi. One activist stripped at the event’s entrance to reveal “” written all over her body; another wore a bunny suit reading, “Who stole my fur?”; and a pair unfurled a banner portraying a giant image of a skinned fox and the words “Here’s the rest of your fur” from an upper-level balcony. A dozen other activists held signs outside the Fendi booth and made sure that their “fur is murder” chants would be heard in the background of every single TV interview. Needless to say, Fendi’s guests didn’t stay long.

Fendi fur disruption4

Fendi fur disruption2

Fendi fur disruption2


We’re looking forward to seeing Fendi at its next stop. If you want to join the fight against fur, start by taking PETA’s fur-free pledge.

Posted by Ashley Fruno