China’s Police Academy Takes PETA’s Advice

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Once PETA learned that the Guangxi Police Academy officers reportedly killed pigs by strangling them with ropes or even their own hands or by beating, drowning, and suffocating them during forensic science demonstrations, we took action.

We immediately requested that the academy end these inhumane exercises and replace them with some of the modern, humane, and effective methods used in other training programs around the world. Within 24 hours, PETA received a response from the Guangxi Police Academy informing us that the school board has convened special meetings to discuss this issue. Academy officials further expressed their willingness to use authentic crime scene photographs and virtual investigative experiments to teach students instead of maiming and killing animals.

Let’s hope that this is the start of the widespread use of alternatives to vivisection and dissection in schools in China. No matter the faculty, students don’t need to cut up animals to understand basic anatomy and physiology. We hope more schools in China will follow the Guangxi Police Academy’s lead and consider using readily available non-animal learning methods.

Posted by Agnes Tam