China’s PRC Forestry Administration Nabs Prestigious Animal Welfare Honor

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Tiger standingAfter launching a milestone ban on animal shows in zoos and circuses throughout the country, China’s State Forestry Administration (SFA) has been named the 2010 recipient of PETA Asia’s Advancement in Animal Welfare Award!

The SFA’s latest moves mean that the most heinously cruel shows in China—featuring acts like live feeding, tigers who jump through burning hoops, and motorbike-riding bears—will disappear. In order to give itself time to weed out below-standard zoos and circuses, the SFA has also imposed a moratorium until the end of the year on domesticating or breeding wild animals for these shows!

In addition to the ban, this national campaign to improve the welfare of animals in entertainment also requires all forest departments to review and reform their local regulations, management, and facilities regarding animal entertainment venues. New regulations are also expected to be in place soon to better safeguard animals who are bred and kept in zoos and circuses.

This move by the SFA will do a lot to help animals in China, but you can do your part too! Don’t patronize any shows that feature live animals for entertainment—take a stand by signing our pledge against imprisoned animal “entertainers” today!

Posted by Agnes Tam