Decrepit Chinese Zoo Makes Monkeys Go Bananas

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Nanning City ZooWhile China’s animal welfare legislation is progressing quickly, animal suffering is still easy to find.

PETA has received dozens of complaints about several monkeys who are being severely neglected at Nanning City People’s Park in Guangxi, China. The monkeys are confined to barren concrete-and-iron cages amid their own feces, with rotten food residue all over the floor. They have no clean water to drink. They don’t even have a food bowl. As if that weren’t bad enough, the monkeys are enduring China’s icy winter—with no heat.

PETA is working with local authorities to improve conditions at this zoo and at many others around the country. Want to do your part? Report zoo cruelty, and please pledge never to support the cruelty of captive-animal displays.

By Agnes Tam