Chinese Judo Champion Blames Pork for Positive Drug Test

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

If the warning label on cigarettes says, “Smoking can cause lung cancer,” there should be a warning label on pork products that says, “Eating pork has been linked to heart disease, obesity, cancer, and, oh, banning from professional sporting events.” Chinese judo champion Tong Wen is blaming her positive drug test—which resulted in a two-year ban on competitions for Tong—on a simple overconsumption of pork products.

Tong tested positive for the dangerous steroid clenbuterol, which is often used as an additive in feed given to pigs raised for their flesh in China. “She trained in Europe for a while and was sick of European food so we gave her a lot of pork chops when she returned home to prepare for the 2009 world championships in Rotterdam,” says Tong’s coach.

Tong might try a vegan diet if she wants to get back in the game. She wouldn’t just be helping to cut her risk of diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, and heart disease—as well as positive drug tests. She might also actually enhance her performance! From bodybuilders to long-distance runners, vegan athletes from a variety of sports have vouched for the incredible benefits of a vegan diet.

Of course, you should avoid meat even if you don’t happen to be a judo champion. It’s the best thing that anyone can do for their health, the environment, and animals. To start on the path to a drug-free and healthy lifestyle, take the Pledge to Be Veg today!

Posted by Ashley Fruno