Compassionate Kenyans Cram Themselves Into Cage for World Animal Day

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Earlier this month, people all over the world—from Tasmania to Timbuktu—took time to celebrate World Animal Day!

For most, this was a time to honor our lovely companion animals, but in Kenya, several activists decided to raise awareness in behalf of the animals people forget about all too often—you know, the ones who are killed for their skin or flesh or are used for entertainment or vivisection.

World Animal Day Kenya

In Nairobi’s Central Park, members of Africa Network for Animal Welfare and Animal Welfare Action Kenya braved the unforgiving African heat and held a provocative cage demonstration to remind people that all animals deserve our respect! Flanking the cage on both sides were posters showing the public (who came out in droves) exactly where meat and leather really come from.

Feeling inspired? You, too, can give a voice to those who can’t speak for themselves. Just use our Activist Network sign-up sheet to join today!

Posted by Ashley Fruno