Cruelty Uncovered: Indonesia’s Bandung Zoo

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Bandung Zoo, in Indonesia, opened in the 1930s, and it appears to have changed little since then. The zoo cages almost 2,000 animals, all of them in tiny, barren enclosures. It appears as though every one of the thousands of residents at Bandung Zoo is suffering from serious health issues and displaying signs of zoochosis.

Help Shut Down the Bandung Zoo

Disease and malnutrition have visibly affected many of the animals, including the deer, many of whom have lost almost all their hair. They spend their days huddled together in fear and sadness.

Bandung Zoo deer

Two Bengal tigers live in a tiny prison. The moat surrounding them is filthy and full of empty water bottles and rubbish thrown by visitors. In another corner of the zoo, a lonely bear lies behind glass on a concrete bed, visibly sick and mad from his years of captivity.

Bandung Zoo tiger

A true sight of horror and sadness is Bandung Zoo’s elephant display. All four elephants have their feet chained together. They spend their days bobbing back and forth because they are unable to take even one step in any direction. The Bandung Zoo has no proper elephant enclosure, so these elephants are kept chained and exposed to the heat and weather every single day.

Bandung Zoo elephant

Help Shut Down the Bandung Zoo

If you are planning a trip to Indonesia, be sure not to support cruelty. Never patronize any zoo, as the money that goes toward ticket purchases is spent to buy, trade, imprison, and often torture animals. Animals are not ours to use for entertainment, and they are not ours to exploit. Pledge to boycott Bandung Zoo and all zoos today!

Posted by Edwina Baier