Video: Skeletal Bears Beg for Food From Visitors at Indonesia’s Bandung Zoo

Posted on by PETA

In a horrifying scene captured on camera, emaciated sun bears desperately beg for food scraps from visitors at Indonesia’s notorious Bandung Zoo.

The animals frantically pace around the filthy, barren pen as they desperately beg for morsels from the crowd. One bear can be seen swaying back and forth—a clear indication of “zoochosis,” a captivity-induced mental illness.

These bears have been suffering since at least last year, and one was reportedly so hungry that he resorted to eating his own feces. In an earlier video, the rib cages of the frighteningly thin bears can be seen protruding from their skeletal frames as they beg for food.

This isn’t the first time that Bandung Zoo has come under fire. Just last year, Yani the Sumatran elephant—who spent her miserable life in a dirty, rusty cage—died from neglect. She had reportedly been left to suffer for a week before she died, covered with bruises, with tears rolling down her face.

This horrific zoo needs to be shut down.

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Zoos in Indonesia tend to be poorly maintained. A rare Sumatran tiger—who suffered from various health problems and died of heart failure earlier this year—was the Surabaya Zoo’s latest victim.