Cuteness Overload! Foxes Find Comfort in Donated Furs

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Fur-bearing animals suffer unimaginably at the hands of the fur industry. PETA’s undercover investigations into Chinese fur farms have revealed the suffering that goes into every fur coat, fur collar, or bit of fur trim. Animals spend their entire lives braving the elements in tiny, barren wire cages before fur farmers use the cheapest methods available to kill them, including clubbing them to death or anally electrocuting them.

Every day, more people are becoming aware of these horrors and saying no to fur. In response, PETA and our affiliates accept donations of old fur coats or other items to use as bedding to comfort injured or orphaned animals. Recently, in the U.K., a group called The Fox Project received some of the furs donated by former fur-wearers who have had a change of heart.

Fox 1

Photo courtesy of Rosie Barnett

Fox 2

Photo courtesy of Rosie Barnett

The Fox Project takes in hundreds of red foxes every year who have been injured because of hunting, traffic accidents, and “pest” control as well as orphaned cubs. As you can see, the foxes love cuddling and nuzzling in the donated furs. While we can’t bring back the animals who were ruthlessly killed for these furs, these products can be turned into something good. Help end the horrors of the fur industry by taking the Pledge to Be Fur-Free today!

Posted by Edwina Baier