Denise Roberts Gives Us the Dirt on Desexing

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Veteran actor Denise Roberts knows the real deal on desexing: it’s the easiest thing that we can all do to prevent a miserable life and death for the thousands of animals who are abandoned on the streets or at animal shelters every year in Australia.

“I was brought up with the fallacy that … you had to let your dog have at least one litter before you considered desexing. But I realize now that is a fallacy because I’ve done quite a fair bit of research. I’ve spoken to vets, and they say, ‘No, the earlier you desex the animal, the better for the animal,'” says Roberts, who gained fame with her role on ABC’s GP and who currently plays Dianne Pappas on Cops L.A.C.

Why is desexing your cat or dog so important? In six years, one unsterilized dog and her offspring can produce 60,000 puppies. One unsterilized female cat can produce 420,000 cats in just seven years, and an unsterilized male cat can father limitless litters of kittens. Every year, countless dogs and cats enter already crowded animal shelters, where most must be euthanized. The less fortunate never even make it to a safe haven; they are abandoned to fend for themselves on the streets, where they often suffer from cruelty, starvation, disease, or injuries.

Join Denise Roberts in practicing animal birth control, and help control the population of abandoned animals. It’s as easy as spaying or neutering your dog or cat today!

The ad was shot by ace photographer Danni Nix. Denise’s make-up and hair was done by Lisa Cotterill, while the videographer for the interview was Ben Raglione.

Posted by Jason Baker