Dog Meat Sold as Chicken; Dog Skin Sold as Leather

Posted on by PETA

Update: Bali’s Governor has issued a Decree that the dog meat trade will end on the island.

If you’ve eaten “chicken” while traveling in Indonesia and perhaps elsewhere, you may have actually eaten dog meat. Eyewitness investigators working for our friends at Animals Australia report that they filmed vendors in Bali selling tourists “chicken satay” that was actually dog meat. It’s legal to eat dogs in Indonesia, but the group says that vendors deliberately misrepresent the food to tourists.

According to Animals Australia, dogs are taken off the streets of Bali and poisoned, strangled, or clubbed. Seven times as many dogs die in Bali’s dog-meat industry each year as they do in China’s Yulin dog-eating festival. The animal-protection group has a team in Bali working to stop the island’s dog-meat trade.

One of the ways the dog meat industry makes money is by selling and using dogs’ skin. A PETA eyewitness investigation in China revealed that a single slaughterhouse bludgeoned and skinned hundreds of dogs a day. The processed dog-skin leather is usually deliberately mislabeled before being sold all over the world. Even if a leather garment says that it was made in another country, the raw materials were likely imported from China, so there’s no easy way to know what animal the skin came from.

What You Can Do

Show the video to everyone you know, and please, don’t eat or wear animals.
Learn more about how to go vegan and sign PETA’s pledge to go leather-free today.