Dogs Take Over the U.N.

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Say what? No, not really, but 47 dachshunds did participate in an art exhibit appropriately titled “Dachshund U.N.” by Perth-based artist Bennett Miller at the Melbourne Museum.

The real UN would never discriminate by race as this art piece does. Dog breeders who subscribe to kennel club standards are all about the sanctity of “pure bloodlines.” So what if beagles have epileptic seizures, Dalmatians are deaf, and pugs can barely breathe because of how they are purposely bred to look a certain way?

People who breed dogs like dachshunds are responsible for the number of mixed-breed dogs who never make it out of animal shelters alive. Every “purebred” puppy bought from a breeder means “lights out” for another mutt at an animal shelter. Fortunately, the solution to this problem is simple: Never breed or buy, and always spay and neuter!

Posted by Ashley Fruno