End World Hunger

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Hungry childThere’s more than enough food in the world to feed every human, so why are more than a billion people suffering from hunger? Did you know that every five seconds, a child dies from a hunger-related disease? That’s 16,000 children dead every day, and the world’s meat-based diet is largely to blame.

Sixty percent of the grain grown on the Earth is used to feed farmed animals, not humans. It takes about 6 kilos of grain to produce 1/2 kilo of meat. Raising animals for meat is an inefficient use of land that could be used for growing crops for people to eat. If humans ate the crops directly rather than through meat consumption, more people would be fed, and that food would be far healthier. The solution is simple: In order to feed people in the future, we need to make the change to a vegan diet.

As a meat-based diet spreads to Asia, where people have traditionally eaten a plant-based diet, farmers who are trying to feed themselves are being driven off their land. Their age-old and efficient plant-based agricultural methods are being replaced with factory farms, which also pollute the air and water and render land dead and unusable. If this trend continues, the developing world will never be able to produce enough food to feed itself, and hunger will continue to plague hundreds of millions of people around the globe.

With a population of 7 billion and climbing, we are likely to see even worse food shortages around the world. We don’t have enough space on Earth to continue eating meat. Make the connection: By saving animals, you also save people. Go vegan today.

Posted by Edwina Baier