Factory Farming Is Contagious!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Audiences are flocking to see the new thriller Contagion for its exciting action scenes and big-name celebrities, but the film’s storyline is more true to life than many people may realize.

As the recent swine and bird flu outbreaks have amply illustrated, deadly diseases that originate on factory farms can easily spread to humans. Just last month, three children in the United States were diagnosed with a new strain of swine flu that a state Department of Health office believes they may have contracted from animals at an agricultural fair. And the World Health Organization is concerned about a true pandemic this winter.

Filthy conditions on severely crowded factory farms are the perfect breeding ground for deadly contagious diseases. Considering that factory farms breed swine flu, avian flu, MRSA, mad cow disease, and E. coli, not to mention cruelty to animals, isn’t it time that we ditch diseased dinners in favor of healthy platters of plants?

 Posted by Ashley Fruno