Five Fun Facts About Owls

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Smart OwlTake a look around any shopping mall or browse online for new clothes and it’s clear that clothing and accessories with owls on them are all the rage right now. Maybe since school is back in session, people are wearing wise owls to feel smarter? You’ll actually be smarter after reading these intriguing facts about Harry Potter’s favorite feathered friend:

  • Gorgeous snowy owls are a lot like people in their relationships—they may commit to one owl, or they may date around. When food is scarce, committed couples may choose not to reproduce that year—very responsible parenting.
  • Great horned owls are the weight-lifting champs of the bird world. They can carry animals several times heavier than themselves.
  • Much like you won’t answer your phone for a telemarketer, barred owls roost high in trees with a heavy canopy so that they won’t be bothered by crafty crows.
  • While most owls have feathers right down to their toes, Cuban screech owls have bare legs. Because they live in a tropical climate, they’ve evolved to wearing cutoffs.
  • Ladies, your mate probably doesn’t work as hard to impress you as male short-eared owls do for their females. Males perform complex spiraling courtship flights for their paramours.

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