Food in Review: Ima’s Gulay Bar, Puerto Princesa, Palawan

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

It’s been several years since Ima’s Gulay Bar was named one of PETA’s Top 10 Vegetarian Restaurants in the Philippines, but on a recent visit to Palawan, I finally got to experience why the small café is so popular with locals and travelers alike. Although vegetarian eating anywhere in the Philippines is a piece of (vegan) cake, Ima’s makes it especially simple in Puerto Princesa.

Entrance Ima's

The menu at Ima’s Gulay Bar boasts such a wide variety of dishes that I found it hard to choose! From Mexican burritos, pizza, and jambalaya to fresh salads, filling soups, and a variety of sandwiches and vegetarian burgers, whatever you’re craving, you’ll find it there. Just ask for the vegan versions of the spicy bean burger, curried tofu sandwich, or sausage fajitas, and you’re in for a treat. If you’re in the mood for something different, try the spicy okra-and-mango pasta. Finish off the meal by sipping an exotic shake in soy coffee, carob, ginger, or fruit flavors.

Buko Shake

Buko Shake

Sausage Fajitas

Ima's Soup

Sotanghon Soup

Give Ima’s Gulay Bar a try if you ever have the pleasure of visiting the beautiful city of Puerto Princesa. It’ll be a favorite among vegetarians and meat-eaters alike!

Ima’s Gulay Bar
46 Fernandez Street
Puerto Princesa City
(Open daily 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., but closed Friday at 3 p.m. to Saturday at 6:30 p.m.)

Posted by Ashley Fruno