Foodie Friday: Seoul’s Osegyehyang Vegetarian Restaurant

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Oseyhang, Seoul (Insadong), Vegetarian RestaurantI love Korean food, but I haven’t the slightest clue how to cook it, which is why I’m always thrilled when my travel plans include a trip to Seoul. During a recent trip, I frequented Osegyehyang, a quaint vegan restaurant tucked away on a lane off Insadong’s main tourist drag.

 Although those who can’t get enough mock meat will love the fried “pork” in plum sauce, I’m a fan of the very traditional sesame soup with wild mushrooms, which is served alongside traditional Korean side dishes such as kimchi, lotus root, and mountain greens in succulent sauces. The restaurant serves a variety of other palate-pleasing dishes, such as scorched rice with mushroom sauce and vegetarian barbecue and rice with soy sauce.

Oseyhang, Seoul, Vegetarian Restaurant

Korean meal with all the fixin's Sesame soup

Oseyhang, Seoul

Sesame soup

 If you’re inspired enough by the wonderful food to try it at home, you can purchase mock meats, frozen dumplings, sauce mixes, and other vegetarian foods in the restaurant’s small shop. It even sells vegan cookies—a great way to end the meal!

 Posted by Ashley Fruno