The Fur Industry Is Crashing, and You’ll Love the Reason Why

Posted on by Nirali Shah

Fur is dead. A new China News Service report reveals that global demand for animal skins has fallen so far since 2013 that China—the world’s largest supplier of fur and leather—is stockpiling masses of skins in storage refrigerators and that processing plants are operating with skeleton crews.

An angora rabbit being plucked for his or her fur.

The crash in skins sales follows PETA exposés of Chinese leather manufacturers that export goods made from dogs who were beaten to death with wooden poles as well as Chinese fur farms on which animals were skinned alive. And our eyewitness investigation of Chinese angora farms documented that workers held down rabbits and ripped out their fur as the animals screamed in pain. After seeing this footage, 120 major fashion brands banned angora from their collections.

This report shows that everyday shoppers and “luxury” fashion houses alike want nothing to do with an industry that cages, bludgeons, and electrocutes animals and skins them alive.

What You Can Do

Compassion is always in style. Join this fashion revolution by pledging never to wear the skin of another animal.