Killed for a Coat: Chinese Fur Farm Horrors

Posted on by PETA

Frozen with fear, caged raccoon dogs watch helplessly as fur farmers make their way down the long row of cages, yanking animals out, slamming them to the dusty ground, kicking them, and beating them on the head over and over again with a metal pipe. The terrified onlookers know that their turn is next. The beaten animals’ legs twitch and spin as they anticipate the next painful blow. The farmers grab them and hang them up by their tails or legs, cut them with knives, and rip the skin off their bodies in one huge piece.

This is what PETA’s undercover investigators witnessed—and caught on tape—in their most recent visit to a Chinese fur farm. Millions of animals, including dogs and cats, endure this misery every year in China so that their fur can be turned into coats, trim, or trinkets. It’s impossible to know where a fur item originated, so anyone who wears any fur shares the blame for the horrific conditions on Chinese fur farms.

China’s Cruel Fur Industry
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Even before their miserable deaths, these animals endure miserable lives. They are crammed with several other animals in barren cages with no privacy, nowhere comfortable to lie down, and not even a moment of relief from standing on the wire grid that cuts into their feet. They shiver through temperatures so cold that icicles form beneath their cages, and they pant in the summer, with no escape from the hot sun. Driven insane by the intensive confinement, many animals constantly pace and circle in their cramped cages. Others give up hope and don’t move at all.

The lives and deaths of animals who are killed for fur are heartbreaking, but just being sad won’t help them—they need us to take action. Make a promise today that you will never buy or wear real fur by signing our Pledge to Be Fur-Free. You can do even more to help animals who are suffering on fur farms by using the form below to send this information to your friends and family. Most people want nothing to do with real fur once they learn how the fur industry abuses animals.

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