Heartbreaking: Carriage Crash Leaves Horse With Broken Leg

Posted on by Nirali Shah

A bus crashed into a horse used by the carriage industry in Manila, leaving the animal—who had fallen to the ground and was unable to move—with a broken leg. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society has agreed to provide the horse with veterinary care.

This incident is yet another testament to the cruelty inherent in the horse-drawn carriage industry, which has been banned in cities from London and Paris to Mumbai and Toronto, among dozens of others around the globe.

Forcing horses to pull oversized loads isn’t romantic—it’s cruel. Horse-drawn carriages are hazardous—and even deadly—not only for the horses who are forced to work long hours in weather extremes and congested traffic but also for motorists and pedestrians. Amid the plethora of vehicles, they have to pull heavy carriages merely to fulfill tourists’ notions of a historic cultural experience. These gentle animals suffer from respiratory ailments because they breathe in exhaust fumes, and they develop debilitating leg problems from walking on hard surfaces. Not only can horses forced to work in this environment die from road accidents, they can also drop dead from heatstroke.

The loud, chaotic, and crowded streets of Metro Manila are a terrifying environment for these animals, who are naturally comfortable roaming in spacious, grassy pastures.

Horses will continue to endure pain and suffer until people stop supporting this abusive industry. Horse-drawn carriages should be banned from Manila’s streets.

What You Can Do

People around the world are increasingly recognizing that it’s the carriage industry—not just the horses—taking them for a ride. Never ride in a horse-drawn carriage, and explain to family and friends why they shouldn’t, either. Always speak out against this cruel industry by politely voicing your objections to the operators and passengers.

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