Horse Collapses in the Philippines in Heavy Traffic and Extreme Hot Weather

Posted on by PETA

An obviously weak, malnourished horse used by the carriage industry in Manila to cart tourists around the city in the extreme heat collapsed in the middle of a busy street.

Witnesses say the horse was staggering before she fell. Instead of helping her, the driver whipped her to carry on.

As air temperatures in Manila reached 32 degrees (89 degrees Fahrenheit), it was likely above 40 degrees (104 degrees Fahrenheit) where hoof meets pavement. The collapsed horse, who lay on the ground exhausted, was aggressively forced by the driver to stand, even though she was so frail.

Horse-Drawn Carriages Are Nothing More Than Accidents Waiting to Happen

For the horses, there is nothing joyous about the business of “joy rides.” They’re regularly pushed beyond the point of complete fatigue. They’re forced to get up—often through vicious beatings—and keep pulling carriages after they collapse, as this abused animal was compelled to do.

Horses are forced to work long hours without adequate rest and are typically denied protection from the scorching-hot sun or heavy rains, given substandard food (if any), and rarely provided with water. Many suffer from untreated injuries, dehydration, and weakness, and most will never see a veterinarian.

These carriage rides not only put horses at risk but also endanger humans. Cities such as Manila are congested with cars, bikes, and pedestrians. Horses—who are easily spooked by loud noises and urban commotion—must make an extra effort to avoid collisions, and they’re not always successful. Over the years, numerous accidents have left both horses and humans seriously injured.

Horses Will Continue to Endure Pain and Suffer Until the Public Stops Supporting This Abusive Industry

The horse-drawn carriage industry has been banned in dozens of cities around the globe. However, each day that these carriages operate in cities such as Manila, horses suffer and the public is put in danger.

Please never patronize carriage rides, and explain to family and friends why they shouldn’t, either. Always speak out against this cruel industry by politely voicing your objections to operators and passengers.