Don’t Be a Fair-Weather Friend

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Dog drinking summerAs human beings, we are in the privileged position of being able to turn on a fan or the air conditioning if the temperature rises even a tad. Sadly, it would seem that this is a blessing that we don’t share with our furry friends. I was disturbed to read a newspaper article recently about a young couple who left their dog in the car for more than an hour on a very hot day. Although a window was left slightly open, the dog died because of the couple’s negligence.

Naturally, this couple adored their beloved dog and were devastated at such an untimely loss. After all, how many of us consider our dog or cat to be part of the family? In my house, our dog gets her own stocking at Christmas time!

This tragedy made me start to think about how many of us don’t mean to hurt animals but do so inadvertently. It’s not a result of malice but of simply being oblivious and thoughtless to their needs.

Like us, animals get thirsty in the summer. Unlike us, though, animals cannot simply go to the tap to get a glass of water or to the store to buy a carton of juice. While it’s great that many people make sure that water is always available for their animal companions, how many of us forget about local wildlife for whom water is often scarce and difficult to find?

A simple way to help wildlife (and get a daily boost of good karma!) is to leave a bowl of water in your backyard. It’s also a fascinating way to get up close and personal with wildlife by viewing them in their natural surroundings.

Posted by Samantha Pulsford