Horse ‘Jet Set’ Is Euthanized After Competing at the Tokyo Olympics

Posted on by PETA

This month, Jet Set — a horse forced to compete in equestrian eventing at the Tokyo Olympics — appeared to be injured in the middle of the cross-country course. Veterinarians diagnosed an irreparable ligament rupture in one of his legs, and he was euthanized.

PETA urges authorities to investigate the death of Jet Set and examine veterinary records to determine whether he had a preexisting injury.

Unlike humans, horses don’t choose to participate in dangerous events—they’re forced to. PETA is calling on the International Olympic Committee to remove eventing from its list of sports immediately, along with the other equestrian disciplines of show jumping and dressage. Leave the Olympics to the willing participants.

No Horse Belongs at the Olympics

Horses are intelligent, empathetic animals. If given the choice, they would live in nature with a large group of friends and family, graze in meadows, and travel long distances, running and playing. They have sensitivities, needs, and desires that are entirely independent of what humans ask of and expect from them—especially including hopping on their backs at a moment’s notice for a ride or an Olympic event.

What You Can Do

Never support any “sport” involving horses. Leave a comment on the Olympics’ Facebook page or tweet at them, urging them to remove equestrian events from all future Olympic Games.