How Do You Say ‘Cruelty to Animals’ in Japanese? Shiseido

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Hello friends! My name is Satoko Wazaki, and I work for the Japan Anti-Vivisection Association (JAVA).

JAVA has been vigorously working for the abolition of animal experiments in Japan, and now we would like your help. We are currently engaged in a campaign to get Shiseido, the biggest cosmetics manufacturer in Asia, to stop using animal testing. We have set up a Web site for this campaign here. We need people all around the world to speak out against Shiseido’s use of animal tests.

Shiseido is the largest cosmetics company in Japan. The company has recently expanded its sales in Asia, particularly in China. However, while the company ranks number one in sales, its corporate ethics are abominable.

As you know, the European Union (EU) has banned the use of animal testing for cosmetics as well as the sale of cosmetics that have been tested on animals. Despite this, some of Shiseido’s products still are and will be available in EU markets, even though the company continues to conduct animal tests.

Shiseido is spreading the evil of animal testing to Asia, the EU, and countries around the world.

If Shiseido, one of the most influential cosmetic companies in Asia, stops conducting animal tests, other manufacturers will find it hard to continue to justify their use. If we can successfully stop Shiseido from conducting animal tests, we will be able to save many animals, and consumers will be able to buy cosmetics with a clear conscience.

JAVA has already taken various proactive measures in Japan. We have collected signatures for the petition against Shiseido and organized a march to protest the company’s use of animal tests. However, since Shiseido is a global corporation, we need people from around the world to speak out against the company. We invite you to visit our campaign Web site, and make sure that Shiseido’s overseas affiliates know that you oppose the company’s use of animals in cruel product tests.

Please also ask your friends to visit our Web site. Thank you so much for your cooperation.

Guest post by Satoko Wazaki