Top 10 Tuesday: Reasons to End Animal Experiments

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Untold millions of animals are experimented on and killed in laboratories in the Asia-Pacific region every year. This thought-provoking list shows how animal experiments hurt not only animals but also humans:

1.      It’s Just Wrong!
Simply put, there’s no ethical reason to subject these innocent animals to torturous imprisonment, horrific violence, and a painful death.

2.      It Doesn’t Lead Anywhere
Ninety-two out of every 100 drugs that pass animal tests fail in clinical trials in humans. Hundreds of thousands of people die every year after taking drugs that were “successfully” tested on animals.

3.      It Doesn’t Make Any Sense
Because of their radically different biological makeup, animals don’t suffer from diseases in the same ways that people do.

4.      Better Spent Elsewhere
Animal studies mislead researchers and waste precious time and resources.

5.      Other Methods Are More Successful
The list of medical advances and discoveries made without the use of animals is extensive and includes anesthesia, antisepsis, germ theory, morphine, radium, X-rays, the discovery of the link between cholesterol and heart disease, the discovery of the link between smoking and cancer, CAT scans, PET scans, and MRIs.

6.      Alternatives Exist!
There are more effective research methods that don’t use animals, including microdosing, the Hurel biochip, tissue engineering, sophisticated computer modeling, and more.

7.      Unprotected
The few laws that do cover the use of animals in laboratories are often woefully inadequate, failing to prevent poorly designed, redundant, or painful experiments.

8.      The Laws Are Useless
Three of the most commonly used species—mice, rats, and birds—are often excluded from even the minimal protection of these laws.

9.      It Keeps Happening
Every single time an undercover investigator is sent into a laboratory, they find physical abuse and neglect.

10.  Death to Innocents
Every minute, 24 animals die in laboratories.

You can make sure that whatever you buy doesn’t support cruel animal tests by checking out this caring consumer guide. And you can always help us end cruel animal testing—and learn about other ways to help exploited animals—by joining our activist network today!

Posted by Jason Baker