Over 150 Dogs Dead From the Iditarod—PETA ‘Dog’ Urges Millennium Hotels to Stop Sponsoring Cruelty!

Posted on by PETA

The Iditarod—a long-distance dog-sled race held annually in Alaska, U.S., in which more than 150 dogs have died—is sponsored by Millennium Hotels and Resorts. That’s why today, PETA’s “dog” Tagpi stood outside the Millennium-owned Heritage Hotel in Manila, in the Philippines, to call on the chain to check out of the Iditarod’s abuse of dogs and stop sponsoring the cruel race.

Up to half of the dogs who start the Iditarod don’t finish it.

During this year’s race, nearly 200 dogs were pulled off the trail because of exhaustion, illness, injury, or other causes, leaving the remaining ones to work even harder. The most frequent cause of death for dogs forced to race in the Iditarod is aspiration pneumonia—caused by inhaling their own vomit. Many others have died during the off-season—either chained up outdoors in subzero temperatures or killed because they weren’t considered fast enough.

It’s time for Millennium Hotels to stop associating itself with this lethal event, just as Alaska Airlines, Chrysler, The Coca-Cola Company, Jack Daniel’s, Wells Fargo, and other major brands have already done.

What You Can Do

Comment on the Millennium Hotels Facebook and Instagram pages and urge the company to stop sponsoring the deadly Iditarod.