If This Bill Is Passed, Animal Testing for Cosmetics Will Be Illegal in South Africa

Posted on by PETA

The South African government is currently considering an Animals Protection Amendment Bill, which would criminalize the testing of cosmetics on animals and prohibit the sale and manufacturing of any that were tested on them. If the bill is passed, those who fail to follow the new rules will be heavily fined or face imprisonment.

PETA and our affiliates are working to end the testing of cosmetics and household products on animals in countries around the world. If South Africa passes its Animals Protection Amendment Bill, it will show that a full ban on such vile products is not only possible but also ethically responsible. PETA and PETA U.S. have been helping Chinese scientists switch to in vitro cosmetics testing methods and are encouraging the Chinese government to accept the results in place of the animal tests that it currently requires.

What You Can Do

Please buy cosmetics and personal-care products only from the more than 2,900 cruelty-free companies that don’t test on animals (and that don’t pay for such tests in order to sell their products in China). Write to companies and let them know that they won’t receive your support until they stop testing on animals.

You can find out which of your favorite products are animal-friendly by searching PETA U.S.’ online database of companies that do and that don’t test on animals.