J.D. Fortune Wants You to Try Vegetarianism!

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Yes, this is the tune that our favorite rock sensation, J.D Fortune—who recently rejoined the popular rock band INXS—wants us to hum. The famous “Pretty Vegas” singer is a proud vegetarian and an ardent animal lover. He endeavors to arouse in all his fans the same passion for protecting animals that he has:

Vegetarianism is the driving force behind this very-energetic 37-year-old rock star, who had millions boogieing to his songs in a sold-out performance at this year’s Vancouver Olympics. “Being part of a band takes a lot of energy. That’s one reason I became a vegetarian,” explains the hot INXS member.

Why does J.D. choose a vegetarian diet? Vegetarians are, on average, fitter and trimmer and have more energy and stamina than people who stuff themselves with fat-laden meat, dairy products, and eggs. And vegetarians have a much lower incidence of ailments such as heart attacks, cancer, strokes, and obesity—not to mention that there’s nothing sexy about someone who turns a blind eye to the daily suffering of the billions of animals who are raised and killed for food each year.

Want to join J.D. in living a healthy and humane lifestyle? Take the Pledge to Be Veg!

Posted by Jason Baker