Meet Grace

Posted on by Ashley Fruno

Grace enjoying one of her many daily walks.

This is Grace, a gentle Doberman who was rescued by PETA in Cavite, Philippines. When I first heard about Grace, she was chained to a pole in the garage of an abandoned house. And when I met her, I was shocked at how thin she was—she looked like a walking skeleton. As we approached Grace, we offered her some food and she practically swallowed it whole, as if she had not eaten in days. There was no food or water around, and we suspect that the only way Grace was able to stay alive was to drink water when the garage flooded during typhoons.

We were made aware of Grace’s condition by a compassionate person who took the time to report her to us. PETA has since taken custody of Grace and filed animal neglect charges against her “owner.” The day that Grace was rescued, she weighed a shocking 12.35 kilos. Her severely emaciated condition left her with a plethora of nutritional deficiencies as well as a blood infection and sarcoptic mange (galis). Now, almost two weeks later, Grace weighs 16.5 kilos.

Despite the cruelty that she endured at the hands of humans, Grace has learned to love being loved and spends her days pacing the PETA office nudging everyone’s hands to be petted. She enjoys walks, being cuddled, and most of all eating! Though she is still working on being housebroken, she is truly one of the best-behaved dogs I have ever met. Grace spends the whole night sleeping on my bed and would sleep there the whole day if she were allowed. She is great with kids, other dogs, and cats.

Grace, the day that she was rescued.

Although the case is still underway, PETA has no intentions of ever giving Grace back to her “owner.” Her rescuers say that they’d risk going to jail first. PETA is looking for a forever home for Grace. The home must not be outdoor-only, and Grace cannot be chained, crated, or caged. If you or someone you know is interested in adopting Grace, please e-mail us.

Posted by Ashley Fruno